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Envelop Covers Procurement

How can I procure Envelop Protective Covers?

1. If you require a price quote, please contact one of the following individuals:

Phil Simoes
Phil SimoesField Services Rep – Ground Combat Systems
Gordon Mihailovic
Gordon MihailovicField Services Rep – Fleet Rep PAC and Commercial Aviation
Mark Bechtel
Mark BechtelField Services Rep – Aviation
Andy Parks
Andy ParksField Services Rep – Ground Combat Systems
Warren Hoskinson
Warren HoskinsonField Services Rep – Industrial
Jim Oaks
Jim OaksField Service Rep – USN, USCG (LANT); USA Watercraft, USAF, Commercial Maritime

2. Envelop Protective Covers can be procured via the following means:

A) Direct purchase using a credit card.

B) Purchase order or other Federal Acquisition Regulations approved contract.
Note: Shield Technologies Corporation is the exclusive provider of Envelop® Protective Covers due to intellectual property rights.

C) Federal Supply System / DLA using NSNs.

D) GSA Advantage

i. Most Envelop Covers are available through GSA Advantage and can be purchased using a credit card or FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP.

ii. Click here to go to the GSA Advantange home page, and then enter Shield Technology’s GSA contract number, GS-07F-9386S, in the search box to find a listing of Envelop Covers available through GSA Advantage.