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EPP 123054 Pending
Guided Missile Transport (GMT) Crane 123055 Pending
Launcher Generator 123056 Pending
Antenna Mast Group (AMG) 123057 Pending
PAC 2 DLTM 123058 Pending
PAC 2 LEM 123059 Pending
PAC-3 ELS Left Side 123065 Pending
PAC-3 ELS Right Side 123066 Pending
PAC-2 LMRD 123068 Pending
PAC-3 Junction Box 123069 Pending
AMG Support Arm 123073 Pending
AMG Hydraulic Pump 123074 Pending
Avenger Generator 123170 1450-01-579-2351
Avenger Launcher 123171 1450-01-581-5091
Avenger Sentinel Radar 123172 1450-01-579-2356


AAV Turret 123004 Pending
AAV Turret 123004-dt Pending
M2A2 Fighting Vehicle (Bradley) 123125 Pending
M1A2 Main Battle Tank (Abrams) 123135 Pending
Stryker -Variants ICV, ICVV,NBRV,ATGM, CV &FSV 123139 Pending
AAVP7 123160 Pending
AAVR7 123161 Pending
AAVC7 123162 Pending
LAV 123165 Pending
ASV M117 Gunship 123166 2540-01-581-9556
M1200 Armored Knight 123174 Pending
CAT I MRAP (Cougar 4 x 4) 123180 Pending
CAT II MRAP (Cougar 6 x 6) 123181 Pending
RG-33 MRAP 123182 Pending
Maxxpro 123184 Pending
M-ATV 123186 Pending
CAIMAN MRAP Cover 123192 Pending
RG-31A2 Mk5E (GDLS) Cover 123193 Pending


HIMARS Resupply Crane USMC Variant 122001 2540-01-542-6326
HIMARS Resupply Crane USMC Variant 122001-dt Pending
M327 120mm Mortar EFSS 123002 Pending
M198 155mm Howitzer (4 Piece Set) 123003-dt Pending
M198 155mm Howitzer (4 Piece Set) 123003 Pending
M777A2 155mm Howitzer (4 Piece Set) 123007-dt Pending
M777A2 155mm Howitzer (4 Piece Set) 123007* Pending
M777A2 155mm Howitzer Main 123007A 1095-01-551-1284
M777A2 155mm Howitzer Tube 123007B 1095-01-551-1290
M777A2 155mm Howitzer Hydro Strut 123007C 1095-01-551-1294
M777 Muzzle Cover 123037 Pending
M777A2 155mm Howitzer (3 Piece Set) 123095 Pending
M777A2 155mm Howitzer (1 Piece Barrel and Main) 123095A Pending
M777A2 155mm Howitzer Hydro Strut 123095B Pending
M777 “Top Gun” Muzzle Cover with Unit Logo 123037.1 Pending
HIMARS Launcher 123025 Pending
NLOS-CLU 123026 Pending
US Army Mortar Electronic Box, Operational 123029 Pending
US Army Mortar Electronic Box, Storage 123038 Pending
PDMA-DQR 123039 Pending
M101A1 105mm Howitzer 123028 Pending
(Barrel and Top Carriage Cover) Pending
AN MPQ Q-36 Counter Mortar Radar 123052 Pending
M992 FAASV (Field Artillery Ammunition Resupply Vehicle) 123064 Pending
M109A6 155 MM Howitzer Tube (Paladin) 123060 Pending
M109A6 155 MM Howitzer Breech (Paladin) 123161 Pending
M109A6 155 MM Howitzer Turret/Hull (Paladin) 123062 Pending
M109A6 155 MM Howitzer (Paladin) 2 Piece Set 123063 Pending
Hawkeye Project Transit Cover 123070 Pending
M116 75mm Howitzer 123071 Pending
M270/M270A1 MLRS 123080 Pending


CRWS 113501 Pending
CRWS Operational (Recon-Optical) 123023 Pending
CIWS 1A Operational (Non-OGB Ground Version) 123024 Pending
Kongsberg RWS Storage Cover (Protector) 123030 Pending
Kongsberg RWS Operational Grenade Launchers 123031 Pending
Kongsberg RWS Operational Gun (Portector) 123032 Pending
Kongsberg CRWS II Storage Cover 123034 Pending
SRS Bearcat M240 123102 Pending
Dillon Aero 134D-T (Dept of Energy) 123103 Pending
Objective-Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK) Turret 123183 Pending


5 Ton Truck Winch 122003 Pending
5 Ton Truck Winch 122003-dt Pending
HEMTT Wrecker 122004 Pending
HEMTT Wrecker, Rear-End Crane 122004B Pending
LVS Boom 122005 Pending
LVS Boom 122005-dt Pending
AVLB 122025 Pending
Trailer Mounted Support Systems-L 122419 Pending
Trailer Mounted Support Systems-M 122420 Pending
M88A2 Armored Field Service Vehicle 123136 Pending
M978A4 HEMTT, Fuel Tanker 123137 Pending
M1084A1 5-ton Cargo Transport Truck 123138 Pending
G-BOSS Medium 123072 Pending
HMMWV Communication Equipment 123142 Pending
S-250G Shelter 123143 Pending
HMVV AN/MRC-145/148 Cover w/Solar Pane 123144 Pending
MTVR Dash 123185 Pending
USARNG HIMARS Resupply Crane 123190 Pending
HIMARS RSV Pod 123191 Pending
Six Con Fuel Pump (B1580) Cover 123202 Pending
Six Con Fuel Pump (B1581) Cover 123203 Pending
Fuel Tank (B2085) Cover 123204 Pending
Water Tank (2086) Cover 123205 Pending
Gen, Set SKID MTD 10Kw 60Hz TQG 123206 Pending
Cold Weather Kit 123207 Pending
Large Field Refrigeration System Cover 123208 Pending
M353 Trailer 124200 Pending
M149 Water Trailer 124201 Pending
MEP-831A Generator Cover 124202 Pending
ECU 3600 Air Conditioner 124203 Pending
MEP-803A Generator 124204 Pending
MEP-806A Generator 124205 Pending
MEP-807A Generator 124206 Pending
M1102 Trailer with Rails 124207 Pending
M105 Trailer 124208 Pending
TRAM Full Cover 124211 Pending
M1152 HMMWV with Solar Panel 124212 Pending
Truck, Utility, HMMWV with Solar Panels 124213 Pending
M1165 HMMWV with Solar Panel 124214 Pending
M1102 Trailer without Rails 124215 Pending
5K Terrex Forklift 124216 Pending
M1123 HMMWV with Solar Panel 124217 Pending
MTVR Short Bed AMK25A1 Cover 124218 Pending
MTVR Short Bed MK23 with Solar Panel 124219 Pending
MTVR Short Bed with Gun Turret and Solar Panel 124220 Pending
Tank and Pump Unit 124221 Pending
Small Field Refrigeration System Cover 124222 Pending
Backhoe 124223 Pending
Compressor 260 CFM Trailer 124224 Pending
Full Tractor, Multi-Purpose with Blade 124225 Pending
Full Tractor, Multi-Purpose with Bucket 124226 Pending
EXT Boom Forklift (EBFL) 124227 Pending
M9 ACE 124228 Pending
Multipurpose Bucket 124229 Pending
621B Whelled Tractor Scraper 124230 Pending
M1114 HMMWV with Solar Panel 124231 Pending
M1076 Trailer Palletized 124232 Pending
MTVR Long Bed MK28 with Solar Panel 124233 Pending
MTVR Long Bed MK27 with Solar Panel 124234 Pending
MTVR Dump Truck AMK29 with Solar Panel 124235 Pending
MTVR Dump Truck MK29 with Solar Panel 124236 Pending
LVSR MKR18 with Solar Panel 124237 Pending
LVSR MKR16 with Solar Panel 124238 Pending
Truck, Tractor, 7 Ton, Armored with Solar Panel 124239 Pending
Truck, Ambulance, Hardtop 124240 Pending
Truck, Tractor, 7 Ton, MK31/MK31A1 124242 Pending
MEP-1070 Generator Cover 124243 Pending
1078 CAB Cover 124265 Pending
Andy Parks
Andy ParksField Services Rep
Ground Combat Systems
Phil Simoes
Phil SimoesField Services Rep
Ground Combat Systems

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DUNS Number: 166889068
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