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Envelop Covers are engineered to help
preserve the earth.
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Envelop Covers for Commercial Aviation

Envelop Protective Covers extend the
equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance
on the most sensitive and expensive part
of any aircraft, the engine.

Envelop intake and exhaust covers are
durable yet light weight covers that
can be easily installed, removed,
compactly folded, and transported
inside the aircraft.

Envelop Covers are Eco-friendly
and reduce corrosion by up to 95%
while providing maximum engine protection from FOD, wind, dust, dirt, and snow.

Envelop Protective Covers are available for the following platforms:

• CFM-56
• JT8D
• CF-6
• CF-34
• GEnx
• Trent 1000

For questions, price quotes, and product demonstrations please contact Gordon Mihailovic.

Gordon Mihailovic


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