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Serving the U.S. Coast Guard

As Coast Guard deck equipment and weapons systems become more sophisticated and integrated, corrosion issues and readiness degradation become more serious and expensive. The need to maintain high levels of operational readiness while still maximizing life cycle asset management costs, are critical to the sustainability of US Coast Guard equipment in the prosecution of long term National Objectives. Additionally due to high operational tempo, elimination of repetitive maintenance tasks which preserve and maintain equipment is of paramount concern.

serving the U.S. Coast Guard markets Every hour a sailor spends battling corrosion with wire brushes, crocus cloth, and lubricants is an hour they can't spend preparing for the wide variety of missions they have to perform in support of the Global War on Terror.

Envelop Protective Covers is aiding in the attainment of these goals by developing a wide variety of protective covers that reduce the degradation caused by corrosion, heat, dust, UV, and other environmental factors.

The Coast Guard has chosen our technology to protect a broad spectrum of assets. Envelop Protective Covers are the only Approved Parts List (APL) covers for CIWS, Mk 38 Mod 1 well as other assets. Please link to our product pages to see details on the various types of equipment we protect.

To view our current product catalog for Coast Guard installations, click here.

For more information on our technology, or to discuss the development of a protective cover that can reduce the time you and your sailors spend on maintenance contact:

Gordon Mihailovic - PACFLT Support Representative

619 459-7789


Jim Oaks - LANTFLT Support Representative

757 647-0034


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