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Envelop Covers are engineered to help
preserve the earth.
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The Development of Envelop Covers Technology

To establish the benchmarks of performance and usefulness, let's review three common approaches that have historically been used to combat corrosion.

Three Common Approaches

Dehumidification Systems
very expensive
very effective when RH < 50%

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors
moderate expense
hermetic environments required
effective if used properly

potentially inexpensive
not effective
establishes greenhouse effect

As you can see, each of the three above approaches has its own shortcomings in one area or another. Standard tarps transferred moisture throughout, VCI's had better coverage but minimal flexibility, and dehumidification systems were expensive and cumbersome to work with. Envelop Protective Covers integrate the best of all three into ONE single approach.

Remember our ideal corrosion prevention solution?

  1. Simple to use

  2. Excellent return on your investment

  3. Substantially reduces rates of corrosion
That's our wish list and here's where Envelop Protective Covers fulfills each wish.

Developed for the protection of critical topside equipment of the US Navy, Envelop Protective Covers are used like a standard tarp and will reduce corrosion up to 95% when compared to standard tarps. Envelop Covers offer a solution in the price range of tarps with far superior ROI. Furthermore, Envelop Covers are flexible in their application and installation / removal can be learned in a matter of minutes.

Envelop was originally designed to prevent corrosion on board weather decks of the Navy fleet. This recurring problem posed great threats to critical and high-value topside equipment and weapons, forcing the Navy to look for means of protecting its fleet and reducing its costs.

To learn more about the design fundamentals of Envelop Covers and what makes our covers the best corrosion preventative cover available anywhere, CLICK HERE NOW.


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