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Envelop Covers are engineered to help
preserve the earth.
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Envelop Covers for Motorcycles

Owners of custom three wheel "trikes" can
now have the same protection afforded to
the U.S. military by Envelop Protective Covers.
Shield Technologies has been working in
conjunction with Ken's Custom Paint and
in Peoria, IL to develop a custom
cover for these prized possessions.

The custom covers protect the entire bike
from damaging dirt, dust, UV, and corrosion.
Envelop Covers provide a perfect
storage solution for not only long,
cold winters; but also for wet and
hot summers. Diligent use can help
extend the life, protect the appearance,
and ensure proper operation of these
valuable assets.

Our thanks to Ken Steenrod
at Ken's Custom Paint and Graphics.
Ken's Custom Paint and Graphics



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