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Envelop Covers Technology

Corrosion is the one of the largest controllable costs in the military. A 2003 GAO study puts US military corrosion costs in excess of $20 billion annually. The study found "corrosion to be one of the largest components of life-cycle costs for weapon systems". For the US Navy up to 25% of the fleet maintenance budget goes towards corrosion control and corrosion induced damage.

Equipment demands continue to increase. Consider things such as... corrosion protective covers

  • 24/7 readiness issues

  • Extended life cycle requirements

  • Corrosion vulnerability increases with electronic/technology advances

  • Less time and resources available for repair of corrosion damage

  • The effects of Environmental Degradation, including corrosion, sand, UV and thermal effects reduce equipment readiness...

The need and numbers are staggering, but something can be done.

Fortunately, Envelop Protective Covers address the above requirements through the use of new patented technology developed specifically for the US Navy.

Let's set the criteria for an ideal solution and then we'll take a look at what our options are.

The ideal corrosion and environmental degradation solution must:

  1. Be simple to use

  2. Provide excellent return on investment

  3. Substantially reduce rates of corrosion and environmental degradation
There's our wish list. Now, let's review 3 common approaches to corrosion control.

CLICK HERE to to learn more about the three most common approaches that have been used for corrosion prevention.


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